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Why do you need a good Pet insurance plan?

Vet fees can end up costing hundreds, if not thousands of pounds. And if your pet is ill or injured there is no animal NHS to pick up the cost. Taking out a policy may not be as expensive as you think either.

Technological advancements in veterinary medicine have meant that vets are able to provide more comprehensive treatments, but this has caused bills to rise steadily.

Pet Insurance itself can start from just a few pounds a month, enabling you to avoid most of these unwanted costs, whenever they arise.

It’s impossible to predict the future so it makes sense to look ahead and make sure you are adequately covered for all unforeseen events.

Some interesting facts

  • The longevity of the domestic dog depends on a number of factors including breed, dog size, diet and level of care received, with the average life cycle being 13 - 14 years. The domestic cats life span is slightly longer at 15 - 17 years.
  • An average bill from a vet in the UK is estimated at £360 with a typical lifetime spend for your pet of £5000.
  • Today's cat leads an inactive, lazy life, often resulting in an overweight pet which in turn can lead to long term health issues.
  • Dogs often suffer from back pain which can become chronic, leading to costly medical treatments or even surgery if the problem is severe or long-term.

Taking into account all of these factors, it makes sense to ensure that the appropriate cover is in place for all eventualities and with Discount Insurance you can relax in the knowledge that your little friend is covered for life.