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Unnecessary claims boost home contents premiums

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12 Jun 2013

Brits are paying £17 million more than they need to as a result of avoidable home contents claims, a new study shows

Accidents are the most common cause of claims on British home contents policies, a recent study shows. Spillages on sofas and damage to electrical appliances and other such avoidable events lead to more than a third of all home contents claims.

But with accidents at home potentially pushing premiums up by eight Brits might want to think carefully before taking that glass of red wine into the room with the pale carpet.

Claims for theft are rarer, but can have a more dramatic effect. The study showed that theft claims could push up future premiums by as much as 42%, making it even more important to take precautions such as locking doors and windows.

Hannah Jones, a home insurance expert, says that although accidents happen there are clearly some minor precautions that homeowners can take to keep their premiums down in the long term. Keeping drinks away from electrical items and delicate upholstery and installing a burglar alarm are among the simple steps than could save some headaches later on.

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