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Britain is a nation of ‘holiday-sloths’, says survey!

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1 Sep 2014

1St September

A new report has lifted the lid of the nation’s holiday habits and the impact it is having on the UK’s holiday home market.

The study, by The iProperty Company, found that those using holiday homes were ignoring home improvements, putting off general repairs and refusing to update old décor - negatively effecting the value of their holiday homes.

Britons generally have a ‘house-proud’ approach to their permanent home, but the research showed over half have a more lackadaisical attitude towards the maintenance of their holiday homes, yet 100% of participants admitting that they bought their holiday home with every intention of improving it.

Despite 58% of people visiting their holiday home at least four times a year, 79% said that they hadn’t picked up a paintbrush since their first holiday there.

Most common holiday home offences include broken toilets, floral carpets, mismatched sofas and leaking taps.

“The allure of time away from the grind for the quarter of a million Brits who own holiday homes in the UK and beyond, means the usual 'keeping up with the Jones' behaviour is abandoned, and household snags that would usually irritate at home, are overlooked,” says John Candia, CEO of The iProperty Company.

“Obviously relaxation is important whilst on holiday, but Holiday-Sloths should be warned that continual neglect of their homes could seriously devalue the property when it comes to selling,” Candia adds.

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