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British expats miss the weather most about the UK, poll reveals

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6 Oct 2014

6Th Oct


The UK is known throughout the world for its sporadic weather, but it seems like it might not be so bad after all, with expats saying they miss the drizzle and gales for home more than anything else. 

A new survey, by clothing retailer Cotton Trader, found that one in five miss the gloomy weather even though many are living in warmer and sunnier countries.

In second place was the health service, with 15% of respondents saying that they miss the NHS and 8% missing the British sense of humour.

A third of those polled said that they loved living abroad, but planned to come home for good in the future.


Better quality of life

77% said that they felt that they had more free time living abroad, then they did in the UK, and 89% said felt that they have a better quality of life living abroad than they did in the UK.

Half said that they are enjoying a lower cost of living abroad than they did here in the UK.

The poll also found that almost half (49%) believe that the country in which they currently live is more friendly that home.


Absence makes the heart grow fonder

“The expat life is a fantastic one for hundreds of thousands of Brits, not least because of the great opportunities it offers for making new friends and enjoying leisure time,” said Claire Flanagan, Cotton Traders’ international marketing manager.

“But at the same time, absence really does make the heart grow fonder. Being away seems to make people appreciate the things that make Britain great, including our culture, food, the NHS and the weather,” she added.