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1 in 3 parents never read to their children before bed, says survey

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16 Feb 2015



The pressures of working late means that many parents have dropped storybooks from the bedtime routine, according to a new study.   


More than a third of parents struggle to fit a bedtime story into their daily routine, says a recent survey from TomTom.


The survey, which sampled 1,000 parents with children aged between one and 10, found that 34% never read to their kids at bedtime.


Having to work late (29%) and a long daily commute (26%) were the key reasons why families were skipping the bedtime read.


“A bedtime story can be so rewarding for young children. It relaxes them before sleep, boosts their development, stimulates their interest in reading and enhances the parent-child bond," says Child Psychologist Dr. Richard Woolfson.


Only 8% of parents said they never miss bedtime reading, while over half admitted that their children have to ask to have stories read to them at night.


With demanding work and leisure schedules, parents often find it difficult to fit in reading with their child. However, the research revealed that the average bedtime story takes just 16 minutes.


The survey found that parents also benefit from story time, with 53% of those asked saying that they feel ‘more relaxed’, while 44% feel ‘happier’ and 26% feel ‘less stressed’.


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