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London’s first Cat Café celebrates its second anniversary

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31 May 2016



London’s first cat café opened its doors in 2014 in Bethnal Green, catering to Londoners cat loving needs.


Lady Dinah’s Cat Emporium is filled with cute kitties, decorated with vintage furniture and plenty of chintzy crockery.


The idea was brought to live after cat aficionado Lauren Pears launched her crowd-funding campaign in the hopes of raising enough money to open the capitals first cat café.




This trend first took off in Japan, home to 58 cat café’s, to cater to the needs of busy Japanese people, many of whom live in small apartments where animals are forbidden.


Since then it’s been established in areas across the world and the UK, but never in London until the opening of Lady Dinah’s Cat Emporium.


Expect to see cats climbing the walls thanks to the mini feline-sized staircases. Giving the cats a safe haven from over-eager hands, these shelves allow the kitties to prowl and observe from a safe distance.




Even though the main attractions are the animals, the owner emphasizes the importance of respecting the feline’s willingness to be touched and there is also a £5 fee for two hours of company with the cafés residents.


After two years since its opening the place is still going strong, with cat lovers coming and going and adorable felines gracing the place, this establishment is here to stay.


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Photo Credit: Daily Mail 

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