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Why is camping better than staying in a hotel?

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27 Jun 2016

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This month we welcomed summer and many people are planning their annual getaway. When it comes time to go on holiday people instinctively look at deals on hotel breaks. This has been a popular way of spending time away from home for a very long time.


Staying in a hotel takes way the opportunity to get in touch with nature and enjoy a grounded, environmentally friendly and authentic feeling holiday.


However, when you stay on a campsite you are surrounded by nature and will enjoy a green break without making too much effort. This is regarded as one of the reasons why camping has overtaken B&B stays in the UK and there is no doubt that has an important benefits for many holidaymakers.



Spend quality time with family

Instead of staying in separate rooms and not having a lot of time together, when camping you can make the most of this family break and enjoy each other’s company. Camping provides families with quality time.



Enjoy cool gadgets

One of the most exciting things about camping is the opportunity to use some of the cool camping gadgets. You can find great options like solar powered chargers, wind up radios, smartphone apps, and mobile kitchens among other items who will certainly be more pleasant than sitting in front of a TV.



Great facilities for less money

Camping has always been associated with the lack of quality facilities. But those are old perceptions, these days you will find swimming pools, shops, sporting facilities, kid clubs and even quality spa treatments online.



Explore more

One of the greatest things about going camping is that you can explore more of the region you are staying in. Going camping can be a fine way to enjoy a more active break in which you do more and see more of the place.   


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