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Winter-proof your Static Caravan!

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5 Dec 2016

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With the winter weather and freezing conditions firmly upon us, it is vitally important that your caravan is fully prepared for what the weather can throw at it.


The cold, damp and high winds can also cause real damage and need safeguarding against. Whether you intend to use your static caravan in the winter or not, damage could be costly, so it’s important you fully protect against it.



Gas and electricity

When leaving your caravan unattended during the winter it is important to disconnect the power and fuel supplies. Electricity can be switched off from the meter, or via the fuse box located somewhere inside the caravan.


Make sure that you disconnect all gas bottles from their ports and store them somewhere safe, as leaking gas will not only cost you money, but can also be extremely dangerous in confined spaces. 




Frozen water can be a problem in the winter. Drain the water system by turning on all taps, both hot and cold, and shutting off the stopcock. Find the drain plug (you may need to refer to your owner’s manual for this) and allow all the water to exit the system. Also empty the toilet cistern by flushing all the water until it is removed.



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Give the whole caravan a good clean before you leave for the winter. Not only will you feel happier when you return in the spring or summer, but by cleaning the floors, windows and fittings, you minimise the risk of mould and bacteria forming. Placing bowls of slat around the caravan to absorb moisture will prevent condensation or damp building up.


Store all soft furnishings such as curtains and mattresses off site in suitable conditions. Leaving them in the van increases the risk of them being damaged by damp.


Remember to check all your cupboards for any food items that could rot or go off, and ensure all air vents are left open and that air can flow in and out of the caravan without obstruction.


Get a ladder and remove all leaves and moss from the external guttering. This will allow rain to flow through the drainage system more freely and reduce the risk of flooding. It is important to also adequately protect any decking and verandas, wooden fittings are particularly at risk if not properly treated. 



Make sure it’s secure

 Check that the caravan is securely anchored to the ground!This may seem like common sense, but it is something which can be easily overlooked. High winds can force a caravan onto its side which can be dangerous for others, as well as potentially writing off your van.



Although caravan parks are generally safe places, there has been a noticeable increase in theft from caravans in the last few years, so make sure that you lock and secure all windows and doors. You wouldn’t want to return in the spring to find that all your possessions have gone!


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