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Holidaying in 2116 - forget budget trips to Spain, Brits will stay in underwater bubbles!

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19 Feb 2016

Can -you -guess -what -life -will -be -like -in -2116-644165


A new report has looked at what life may be like in 1000 years from now and predicts everything to be radically different – including holidays.


Experts have predicted huge drones will be able to carry entire buildings wherever you want to go – meaning you can take your entire home to the destination of your choice.


The group of academics, future architects and urbanists suggest that traditional holiday destinations such as Spain and the Caribbean will be a distant memory by 2116 and that families will instead take commercial flights to space where colonisation of Mars and the Moon will already have taken place.  


They also predict that many people will live in ‘earth-scrapers’ which will go up to 25 storeys underground.


In another attempt to make space for everyone, ‘bubble cities’ will also be created for humans to live underwater. 


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When it comes to home, 3D furniture and adaptable smart LED room surfaces which can be changed to fit your mood mean there will be no arguing about how to decorate your home.   


While 3-D printed food is already possible today, by 2116 it is predicted to be a way of life. People will be able to download dishes of their choice, print them out within seconds and eat them.


“Our lives today are almost unrecognisable from those a century ago,” says Space scientist Dr Maggie Aderin-Pocock, who co-authored the report for SmartThings.


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Photos: Daily Express