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You can’t beat a good cuppa – half of UK tourists admit to taking their own teabags abroad!

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15 Feb 2016

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British holidaymakers are packing more items than ever before because they can’t stand being without home comforts, including the perfect cuppa, according to new research.  


More than half of Brits take their own teabags with them when they travel and a fifth go even further by taking their own kettle with them when they travel, the study revealed.


Holiday essentials also included slippers, pillows and blankets that take up a lot of room in a suitcase.


British tourists pull out all the stops to get a good night’s sleep, wherever they are staying, the study commissioned by Eurostar suggests.


36% of holidaymakers bring slippers, while 23% pack a pillow and 15% bring a blanket.


Those aged 25-34 take at least six gadgets to keep them connected and entertained, according to the survey of 1,000 UK adults. 


Eurostar staff have also seen their fair share of unusual items in luggage, including a suit of armour, an Olympic torch and a microwave.


When it comes to staying fresh, men and women bring an average of 13 toiletry products, with women topping out at 15.


A third of men (34%) also bring their own hairdryer.


The study also revealed that the average additional cost per trip for excess luggage is more than £32, and that 21% of travellers wear their heaviest clothes to make their luggage lighter.  


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