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Summer heatwave: 6 tips and tricks for a cooler summer commute

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22 Jul 2016

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Summer is finally here, and everyone is excited for the hot and sunny days.


While we welcome the hot weather after a long and dreary winter, commuting to work can feel like a scene from the 1997 movie Volcano.


Monday was the hottest day of the year so far with commuters sweltering in 36C heat on rush hour buses and tube.


To help you “survive” while making your way to and from work, we have put together some top tips and tricks:



1.      Wear loose fitting clothing


When outside wear loose, long-sleeved clothes of light material. Keeping the sun off your skin provides more surface area for sweating, and so is actually cooler. Wear a cap or a straw hat to protect your head.



2.      Don’t eat large, protein-rich meals


Protein- rich food in hot days is not advisable because it can increase metabolic heat and warm the body which causes dehydration.



3.      Drink plenty of fluids


Make sure to always carry a bottle of water with you because in hot days if is very easy to become dehydrated, especially in confined places like public transport.



4.      Avoid alcoholic beverages and caffeine


These substances can act as diuretics and promote dehydration. Even though it is very tempting to drink coffee in the morning, try and add some ice to it for a cooling effect.



5.      Carry a hand-held fan


It might not look cool, but a portable fan will keep your face cool and shine-free while you’re shoulder-to-shoulder on your commute.



6.      Avoid the Central line


Temperatures on the tube are set to exceed the legal limit for transporting cattle today, and most Londoners know that the Central line can feel balmy even in the depths of winter. Leave earlier in the mornings and take an alternate route that favours the overground lines which are better equipped with air conditioners.



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