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The skills that travelling can teach you!

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9 Nov 2016

Discount Insurance News - 9.11.16


Travelling to new and exotic places can be an eye opening experience and help us to develop many skills along the way.


This can be even truer for children who still have growing personalities, so here are the top skills that travel can teach you and your kids, all of which can help you to be successful in various areas of your lives:


  • Empathy


When you or your children are outside of your comfort zones and away from everything that you have known, the need to relate and find common ground with people from a range of life experiences and backgrounds arises. It goes beyond just being friendly and the ability to get along with others becomes a matter of survival. Developing an awareness of how certain actions or things can be perceived also offers a heightened sense of self awareness.


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  • Gratitude


Depending on where you travel, at one time or another, you are likely to come across people who have not been as lucky as you. Feeling grateful and appreciating all that you have is a very important part of living a fulfilled and happy life.


  • Emotional Intelligence


Emotional intelligence is more important to long-term success than IQ alone, previous studies have revealed. Talking to strangers while travelling builds self-awareness and helps to develop an open mind as a result of the interaction with people from significantly different walks of life.


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  • Compassion


Acts of kindness and altruism can increase a person’s standing in society. Whilst conventional wisdom is important, compassionate people earn our trust and this ability to earn someone’s trust can help to create strong friendships and bonds throughout your life.


Whether you’re going on a quick, relaxing break or the trip of a lifetime, make sure that you are protected by sorting out your travel insurance before you go!