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13 spooky reasons that put people off buying an old property

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31 Oct 2016

Spooky house with barren trees and mist in front of it


The nation’s fear of the supernatural is putting them off buying older homes, according to a new survey.


Signs of mice, bats in the attic and squeaky floorboards are giving Brits the creeps and are some of the top excuses given for not purchasing an older property, research from Skipton Building Society revealed. 


The possibility of ghosts in a property is enough to put one in 10 off viewing an older property, a study of 2,000 adults revealed.


Others would prefer not to know about the history of the property – in case someone has been murdered there. 


13 spooky reasons people have given for not buying an older property


1. Knowing someone had died inside the property (21%)

2. There might be mice / rats running around (21%)

3. Not knowing the history of the property (20%)


4. Lack of natural light (20%)

5. Knowing ‘unsavoury’ people used to own the property (16%)

6. There might be bats in the attic (14%)

7. Knowing and not liking the history of the property (13%)

8. Fearing someone might have been murdered in the property (10%)

9. One of the rooms is a lot colder than the others (10%)

10. A criminal used to own the property (13%)

11. Being scared of ghosts (10%)

12. Being scared of squeaky floorboards (9%)

13. Finding weird things in the property (8%)


45% of people immediately disregard any property more than 46 years old, according to the research, with two thirds of those polled liking the idea of moving into a house which is considered a ‘new build’.


Over a third (38%) said that theywould buy a new build if money was no object.


The biggest attraction of a brand new property for more than half of those surveyed is the ability to have a hand in deciding what the lighting, carpeting and appliances will look like. 


Cheaper decorating costs, not having to clean before you move in and a perceived guarantee there will be no paranormal activity were also big draws of a new build home.


“It seems it’s not just the unexpected costs associated with buying an older home that is scaring the nation; a fear of ghosts, mysterious property pasts and even dead pets buried in the garden are enough to put people off from buying an older house,” says Rebecca Willey, Corporate Communications Manager at Skipton Building Society.


“Whilst it may spook some, purchasing an older property full of historical charm is a real treat for others. However, it’s not hard to see why so many people want a new build home, as they provide an opportunity to create the home of your dreams, without the hard work and baggage from previous owners.”


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