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More than a quarter of private renters keep their pet a secret from their landlord!

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31 Jul 2017

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In recent years, the number of people living in private rented accommodation has been on the rise. This has created an unexpected number of victims: pets that buy-to-let landlords are refusing to permit into their properties.


A number of landlords are refusing to accept prospective tenants if they have a furry friend, meaning many tenants are finding it difficult to secure accommodation. So perhaps it is unsurprising that several tenants with pets find it easier to simply hide the fact they own a pet in order to get a property.


A survey by AnimalFriends.co.uk revealed that almost a fifth of animals had caused damage to the property, with 12% damaging fittings and a further 6% ruining rented furniture.


The survey has also revealed that out of 2,000 tenants 27% have not informed their landlord, that they have a pet before moving into their rental property. The study found that over half of respondents owned an animal before living in the property, but 13% were left with no alternative but to rehome their pets. Of the pets kept, 10% of tenants have said they had to physically hide their pet before a visit from their landlord in fear of serious consequences if they were found to be living with their pets without consent.


With the Government’s plans to regulate security deposit fees, there are fears that more landlords could ban pets from their properties due to the increased risk of damage caused by the animal and the fear of having to pay a significant amount of money for any possible repairs.   


Westley Pearson, managing director of AnimalFriends.co.uk, said: “It's important to ensure that you're able to properly look after any animals before you decide to bring one home with you and that includes making sure both you and your pet will have a place to live.


“Some dogs can live upwards of 13 years so even if you have a place to live at the moment, you need to think about what would happen should you decide to move.” 


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