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How to choose the right caravan?

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11 Oct 2017

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When you make a decision to buy a caravan it can often be a daunting task, even if you are not buying a caravan for the first time.

Cavarans come in different shapes and sizes so the most crucial tip is choosing a caravan that is right for your needs.


Single or twin axle

Caravans can be fitted with either a single or twin axle.

Purchasing a single axle caravan gives better grip and brings better stability, it is easier to maneuver around the caravan site making it perfect for beginners, and these caravans can also be towed by small cars. However, you may find your caravan has a heavier noseweight it will not stand level when parked.

When you purchase a twin axle caravan it will normally be larger, needing four wheels to carry its fully laden weight, it will also need to be towed by a larger car but this will normally stand level when parked.


How many berths

Choosing the amount of berths is easier.

Simply think about how many people you normally travel with. Remember that you can sleep adults and children in an awning, so you may not necessarily need a larger caravan for more people.

Measure the size of berths as some may not be long enough for adults and don’t be afraid to test any bed for length or comfort!


Folding caravans and trailer tents

If you want enhanced fuel consumption or a lower tow weight – making it safer for handling and easier to maneuver – you might want to consider folding caravans or a trailer tent. These are also small enough to store in your garage. You will find them easy to erect on arrival at site, with the cooker etc. being hinged up into position, however expect less storage.


Is your car suitable to tow?

The weight of your caravan should never exceed the weight of your car – your car manufacturer handbook should give you the maximum weight your car can tow. Basically the heavier your car and the lighter your caravan the safer it is.


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