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Charity campaigns for landlords to allow cats in rental properties

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21 Nov 2018

Charity Campaigns For Landlords To Allow Cats In Rental Properties


Pets are rarely welcome tenants for landlords. Whatever their personal feelings towards animals, a third of landlords won’t allow furry friends - including cats - to live in their rental properties.


As a result, one of the top five reasons cats are given up for adoption is because owners can no longer find somewhere to live that allows them to take their pets with them.

But a charity in Bristol is looking to change this. Cats Protection are campaigning for more landlords in the city to allow cats in rental properties, saying that with so many people now in long-term rental accommodation, the broad pet ban no longer reflects modern day living circumstances.


The campaign, called Purrfect Landlords, provides guidance for landlords and tenants about allowing cats into their properties and addresses any concerns either side may have.


The charity says that by waiving a pet ban, landlords would attract responsible, settled tenants.


Jacqui Cuff, Cats Protection’s Head of Advocacy & Government Relations, said: “More and more people are renting their homes either by choice or necessity, yet very few rented properties accept cats. This means tenants are missing out on being able to own a cat, while landlords may be losing out on attracting responsible and settled tenants.

“Becoming a cat-friendly landlord means advertising properties as ‘pets considered’ which ensures landlords stay in control and can make a decision once they’ve met their potential tenant.

“The reality is that cats very rarely cause problems for landlords. In actual fact, many cat owners tell us that having a cat is what makes their house a home and helps them put down roots and value the home they’re living in.”


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