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Letting agents: should you outsource?

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11 Feb 2019

Letting Agent


With the letting fee ban looming, agents are looking for ways to save money.


Could outsourcing be an effective way to improve and streamline your service with fewer costs and overheads?


Outsourcing is more than simply a recruitment stop gap. Outsourcing time-consuming, non-core business tasks such as rent collection, vetting tenants, organising repairs and tenancy administration, allows you to concentrate on growing your business.


Sharing the workload with a third party frees agents up from office admin jobs so they can give their time to what they’re good at - winning more valuations and letting more properties - rather than be weighed down by paperwork and legislation.


While a letting agent’s skills lie in valuations and selling, professional outsourcers offer specialised expertise in other areas, including legal compliance aspects.
Of course, there is an initial outlay which will vary depending on the size of your agency and its portfolio as well as how much you want to outsource, but this can be cheaper than employing full-time staff.


Staff outlay goes beyond paying the basic salary - the hidden cost of employment, including pension and National Insurance contributions, office and desk space, training and expenses can amount to as much as 75% extra per person.


Handing over jobs to others when it’s required can take the headache out of recruitment, sick and holiday cover, training and compliance requirements.


And the advantage of an agency is that they have a workforce covering a wide range of skill sets. Most outsource agency allow you to pick and choose which services you need - and when you need them. This flexible arrangement allows you to scale up or down depending on your demands at the time.


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