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Snakes in the bathroom: the bizarre items left by student tenants

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17 Oct 2019

Bizarre -things

Giant swear word graffiti, a sex toy and a python are among some of the items left in rented accommodation by student tenants, the Deposit Protection Service has revealed. 


One landlord’s claim for a reduction from a tenant’s deposit being held by the DPS was to cover the cost of removing a snake from a bedroom that had been left in the house after the student moved out in the summer. 


An air rifle was found in one student’s bedroom, while another landlord found four-foot-high glow in the dark swear words written on the living room wall - a sleight of hand bit of vandalism that only showed when night fell. 


Another landlord had the unenviable task of telling a former tenant the sex toy they had left had been disposed of when they phoned and asked for it back.


Despite the amusing nature of some of the objects left behind, the survey also highlights the serious business of landlords dealing with former tenants failing to leave a rented property in an acceptable state and breaking the terms of their tenancy agreement.


Matt Trevett, the DPS managing director, urged student tenants to take care to ensure a property is left in its original condition to avoid deposit disputes.


“Like all tenants, students must take care of the place they live in, avoiding or properly repairing any damage and leaving the property as clean as when they arrived,” he said.


“Because students are more likely to share their house with others, there can be confusion over who is responsible for checking the condition of their accommodation and reclaiming the deposit when everyone moves out” explains 


“Keeping to the terms of a tenancy agreement and demonstrating that they’ve left the place in good standing is crucial to students receiving their full deposit back.” 


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